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Passengers are allowed to take one piece of cabin baggage. Cabin baggage is unchecked baggage carried in the cabin under the passenger's personal custody.

Passengers are allowed to carry on board free of charge items such as coat, 1 umbrella or walking stick, 1 ladies handbag, 1 small camera or binoculars, 1 infant's carrying basket, 1 pair of crutches and/or braces or any other prosthetic device, other medical equipment on which the passenger is fully dependent and a reasonable amount of reading material, as well as a reasonable amount of baby food.

The rest of your baggage is checked baggage. Checked baggage is baggage of which the carrier takes custody, and for which the carrier issues a baggage check (included in the ticket) and baggage identification tag per piece of baggage. Checked baggage is carried in the hold, normally of the aircraft the passenger is traveling on.

All checked baggage must be properly packed in sufficiently rigid suitcases or similar containers to ensure safe carriage. Every piece of baggage must show the passenger's name and address.

Checked baggage may not contain the following items: fragile items, valuable items, perishable items, dangerous goods. It is recommended that the items below are carried as cabin or carry-on baggage: travel documents, medical certificates, business documents, portable PCs and other electronic equipment, musical instruments, pictures, etc., money, jewelry, negotiable papers, medicines.

On scheduled flights, adults, and children over two years of age, are usually entitled to a free baggage allowance - 20kg in the economy class and 30 kg in the business class. If your baggage exceeds any of these limitations, extra charges usually apply. To: USA, US territories, Canada, Mexico and South America the free baggage allowance is measured by the number of pieces of baggage. Furthermore, each piece of baggage may not exceed a defined size and weight. For further information please contact your airline or your travel agent.

  SKP :  20.01.2020,09:44
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