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Time requirements
Time requirements for receiving goods and delivering documents at Skopje International Airport
The following applies for light cargo transported by passenger aircraft and truck (RFS):
Delivery time before departure



Delivery time before departure

Acceptance of cargo

General cargo that can be transported 

up to 180 min

Delivery of cargo manifest

We book cargo with complete documentation depending on available route capacity 

120 min

ANNEX delivery

Up to 1 ton of cargo and cargo manifests of 2 AWBs

90 min

LMC cargo manifest delivery

Only certain types of goods: VAL, PERI, AVI, LHO, PRESS (up to 200 kg of goods and 2 AWBs) and mail up to 200 kg

90 min

For larger quantities of goods transported by passenger or cargo aircraft, it is necessary to make arrangements in advance with the transport agency, as the information stated here does not apply in such cases.

Sending shipments
Procedures for preparing goods for shipment
The way your freight travels and the condition in which it reaches its destination, depends greatly on the sender. The entire process of preparing freight for shipment begins after the order has been received. Your decision about the type of transport is based on the receivers’ requirements regarding the quantity, urgency and costs of the transport. Then, you must ensure that the goods are properly packed and marked.
When the goods have been prepared for shipment, you must contact the freight forwarding company and reserve transportation space for the entire journey of the cargo.
The freight forwarding company will require detailed information about the goods that you are shipping. After confirming the reservation, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary shipping documents. These include the export disposition, an invoice, a release form, an export permit (if necessary) and a senders’ declaration for the air shipment of special types of goods. The declaration includes information about the sender, receiver, number of AWBs, dispatch airport and destination airport, the goods, method of payment, terms of payment, delivery time, insurance and customs clearance. If the freight forwarding company does not do so, you will also have to deliver the freight to the airport.
After the freight has been sent, it is recommended that all information about the shipment be sent to the receiver so that he can prepare the necessary documentation for receipt before the shipment arrives at its destination. Please be aware that shipping goods is complex work. We recommend that you consult your freight forwarding company before shipping any freight, so that information about any special requirements or advantages offered by airlines will be provided for you.

Receiving shipments (import)
• After information for receiving shipment obtain AWB or contact your forwarding agency for starting customs procedures.
• Next, fulfill the customs procedures. For both services, you can authorize one of the freight forwarding companies which operate at the Skopje International Airport.
• After the payment of storage service fees, shipment will be delivered to your vehicle at the warehouse.
• Confirm the receipt of goods by signing the warehouse release order.

If within 20 days (perishable goods - 3 days) the Customs procedure has not started, the Customs Authorities will confiscate or destroy the shipment and all costs related to this will be borne by the carrier / shipper, unless other information is given.

Special types of goods
Special types of goods include shipments that require special receipt, storage, loading and transportation because of their nature (hazardous materials, live animals, perishable goods, human remains, etc.), value (high value shipments), dimensions and weights (heavy packages), or state regulations (weapons, ammunition, etc.).

Special procedures are carried out for the purpose of protecting:
• Carriers,
• Persons handling the goods,
• Other shipments,
• The shipment itself.
Skopje International Airport - Cargo Operations offer receiving, storage and dispatch of all special types of goods in line with applicable IATA regulations and TACT rules.

Skopje “Skopje International Airport - Cargo Centre offer receiving, storage and dispatch of all special types of goods in line with applicable IATA regulations and TACT rules.
Specific conditions apply for the packing, labeling and storage of such goods, and therefore we advise you to consult Cargo Operations at the following telephone number: +389 2 3148 636, +389 2 3148 627, e-mail: zvonko or your freight forwarding company before shipping such goods.

  SKP :  20.01.2020,09:45
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