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The Forwarding service was established in 1997 in order to provide quick, efficient and confidential freight forwarding for our clients.
TAV Macedonia holds a license to represent the clients in the customs clearance (license number 315/2010).

Organizing air transportation and preparing AWB
    Our experienced and continuously educated forwarding agents are ready to forward your freight to any destination in the world as quickly as possible.
    Our forwarding agents have valid licenses issued by certified airlines, which are members of IATA: Certificate for Basic Cargo Course and Certificate for Dangerous Goods Regulations,
    We provide a special cargo transportation (HUM, AVI, PER, ICE …)
    As sales agents for many airlines that operate at Skopje “Alexander the Great” Airport: JAT, Croatia Airlines, Adria Airveys, Malev, CSA, Turkish Airlines, we can provide AWBs for our clients.
- Customs clearance: Customs clearance for import and export of goods.
- Preparing customs documents for transit of the goods.
- Customs clearance for Diplomatic and Consular Offices.
- Transportation of goods:
     Delivery of the shipments from Skopje “Alexander the Great” Airport to any place in Skopje or Macedonia.
    Transportation of your shipments from any place in Skopje or Macedonia to Skopje “Alexander the Great” Airport.

• Diplomatic and Consular Offices: Embassy of the United States, Embassy of The Great Britain, Swiss Embassy, OSCE, Croatian Embassy, WHO.
• Airlines: Croatia Airlines, Adria Airways, Turkish airlines, Swiss Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Alitalia and Malev.
• Domestic firms: Adriamed, AGS, Dioptra, Bisera komerc, Digikom, Lankom print, Svetlost 94, Sterna, VT Company, ААМ, Alteks, Kine Nagel, Makedonija lek, Melon solutions etc.

Tеl: + 389 2 3 148 640
Fax: + 389 2 3148 639

Orhan Sabit
Senior Cargo Supervisor

Bosko Avramovski
Customs clearance agent

Gorgi Mitrovski
Customs clearance agent

  SKP :  13.12.2017,04:17
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