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  SKP :  24.07.2019,09:29
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4 February 2009

       The overall passenger traffic at Skopje International Airport in 2008, with number of 626,644 handled passengers, increased by +4.1% compared to 2007. During 2008, number of 13,303 aircraft movements were performed (+1.7% more than in 2007) and general cargo volume rose by +8.9% with 2777.1 tonnes of handled cargo shipments.
    After the strong and dynamic growth in 2007 (new routes, new airlines, increased weekly frequencies on existent flights), during 2008 there was more moderate growth ratio. Passenger traffic in the first half of 2008 registered significant growth of +8.5% compared with corresponding period in 2007, and the third quarter registered +4.4% increase. The global financial crises and fluctuating fuel prices generated downward trend also in air traffic on global level (according ACI reports from June onwards), and it affected Skopje Airport in the last quarter of 2008 (October-December) which registered average decrease of -4.4% in passenger
      However, with an increase of 4.1% in the number of passengers in whole 2008, Skopje International Airport exceeded Europian average (which equaled 0.3% from January to November according to ACI Europe), and world average  is -0.3% according to ACI World.
      As usual, the most frequent period in 2008 was June-September, which was attributed by touristic charters (to Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Palma de Majorca and Catania) with about 30,000 transported passengers and +62% increase over previous year.

      Also, in past year overall cargo turnover had a remarkable growth of 8.9% over previous 2007 year. 


      In traffic structure, as in past years, scheduled flights participation was the largest, with 67% share in aircraft movements and even 93% share in passenger traffic. General aviation participated with 9% share in total aircraft movements, all cargo flights with 8%, and charter flights participates with the smallest share of 5% in total aircraft movements (except touristic charters and individual charters for sport events, there are just few other charter flights).
     Most frequent type of aircraft in 2008 was Canadair 900 performing 16.7% from Air     Transport Movements, and according manufacturer, various types of Boeing (mostly Boeing 735) performed largest number of Air Transport Movements (26.9%), than Airbus (A319, A320, A321) participating with 18% in Air Transport Movements. Average maximum take-off weight - MTOW of aircrafts in commercial aviation was 44.3 tons.
      Airlines offered for 1% more available seats then in 2007 with average seat capacity of 102 seats per flight in public transport, and average seat occupancy of 64.4% in 2008 increased by 2.5% over previous year.
     As for punctuality of departure flights, Skopje International Airport recorded delays on 16% of commercial flights, which is improving of 1.6% compared with previous year.
     Largest growth in 2008 registered Cargo Volume in all categories, mostly cargo from scheduled and charter flights which reported 14% increase over 2007, then cargo from all cargo flights (mostly for Air Mail) which reported 2.5% increase. In General total of Cargo Volume, freight turnover participated with largest share of 78%, Mail with 9%, and trucked service (on Air Waybill bases) with 13%.    
During 2008, Skopje International Airport handled one domestic scheduled airline, 12 foreign scheduled airlines, 6 airlines operated on series of charter flights, and 3 cargo operators on all cargo flights for air mail. Direct scheduled flights were operated on 18 destinations, and touristic charters during summer period on 8 destinations more.
    The three new airlines that introduced regular scheduled flights in the second half of 2007 - BH Airlines, German Wings and Bulgaria Air continued operating through 2008 to the new destinations Sarajevo, Cologne and Sofia, and from 1st of February, Bulgaria Air introduced Tirana as new destination.
Effective with Summer Timetable S'08 (from the end of March), Adria Airways increased weekly frequencies on overnight flights from/to Ljubljana for 3 more, Turkish Airlines increased frequencies from/to Istanbul from 4 to 5 weekly, BH Airlines from/to Sarajevo from 2 to 3 weekly, Croatia Airlines from 6 to 7 weekly frequencies from/to Zagreb , MAT to Vienna from 4 to 5 weekly frequencies. In Winter Timetable W'08 (from the end of October), Adria Airways introduced one overnight more, and Czech Airlines increased weekly frequencies from/to Prague from 5 to 6. In November, new airline Germania Fluggesellschaft started operations from/to Dusseldorf with one weekly frequency.
All these destinations were used, besides for direct flights, also as hubs through which passengers transfered to other europe destinations, or on intercontinental flights to America and Australia and to all destinations to which there are no direct flights. About 47.5% of departed passengers transfered through them to their final destinations. The most frequent second destinations were United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Holland and Belgium, Scandinavian countries and Arab Emirates.
  SKP :  24.07.2019,09:29
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