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  SKP :  18.01.2018,22:37
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30 June 2017

Skopje Airport instates new traffic rules in front of the terminal building

In order to provide easier movement and faster flow of passengers, TAV Macedonia has changed the traffic rules in front of the terminal building at the Skopje Airport. Starting this Monday, July 3rd, the free use of the street in front of ‘Alexander the Great’ will be limited to 10 minutes.

This means that passengers can be left for departures and picked up for arrivals in a maximum time of 10 minutes. After that, if vehicles remain on the street, charges will be applied and users will have to pay from 500 up to 2.000 or more denars. TAV Macedonia clarifies that the street in front of the terminal building is not space designated for parking and should only be used for leaving and picking up passengers from their flights.

TAV Macedonia has installed sign boards around the terminal building in order to inform the passengers about the new traffic rules.

Besides this, additional changes have been made for the use of the parking space available at the Skopje Airport. The prices for longer periods of parking have been reduced as are the annual tickets. According to this, the new prices are: up to 1 hour of parking (80 denars); 2 hours (100 den.); 2 to 4 hours (150 den.); 4 to 8 hours (200 den.); 24 hours (600 den.). Parking from 3 to 7 days will cost 1.800 denars while 8 to 14 days it will be 2.500 denars.

  SKP :  18.01.2018,22:37
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