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  SKP :  18.01.2020,21:00


We continue building on the firm foundations laid in 1998. Our objective is to expand our doors wide-open to the world, and to be the pioneers in enhancing the standards of our country. Our foremost policy in offering our modern, outstanding, and innovative vision to our guests and shareholders is to ensure that:

    Employer/customer expectations are directed to relevant venues and that these are complied with at a maximum level,
    Communication channels are described between the Employer/customers and subcontractors/shareholders and that this communication is effected in a flawless manner,
    The modern and relevant methods, technologies, information and management systems required are used, and that the necessary research and investments are made,
    The legal arrangements and the obligatory standards of the country where operations are carried out are complied with,
    As a consequence of the analysis and development of the work processes, improvement activities are rendered as natural feats of employees.

TAV will uphold its fast and powerful growth in accordance with the re-structuring plans. Our doors opening to the world will be a way of opening to the world for us.


  SKP :  18.01.2020,21:00
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