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The Cargo Operations is a department for cargo services at "Skopje International Airport

Our clients are airlines, freight forwarders, sales agents and road carriers. Many airlines have their own sales agencies in Macedonia. We carry out cargo handling services for the following airlines: Adria Airways, Austrian Airlines, Malev, CSA, JAT, Turkish Airlines and so forth. For these airlines we prepare cargo and provide documentation and physical support at the Cargo Operations in Skopje, since we have concluded agreements with them on the basis of standards for cargo ground service, air traffic safety regulations and the requirements of customs legislation.

Please address all questions concerning customs and customs procedures to the following telephone number: +389 2 3148 640 or e-mail:

The Cargo Operations is located at Skopje International Airport, with a direct connection to highway E-75.

Distances from major destinations
Belgrade (Serbia) 420 km
Sofia (Bulgaria) 250 km
Tirana (Albania) 230 km
Thessalonica (Greece) 230 km
Athens (Greece) 700 km
Zagreb ( Croatia) 815 km
Prishtina (Kosovo) 90 km
Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 450 km

Capacity and equipment
The Cargo Centre occupies a covered storage area of 2700 m², and possesses equipment for handling air cargo, as well as equipment for loading and unloading an aircraft. Refrigerated storage space for perishable goods is also available. The capacity of the Cargo Centre can meet the demands of even large air cargos.
We have a high security system (24 hour video supervision) and information centre that ensures exceptionally high quality of our services.

Telephone: +389 2 3148 646 or e-mail:

Storage Area for imported Goods
Total area: 1.000 m²
Room for dangerous cargo: 10 m²
Cold storage room (-50C/+50C): 12 m²
Cold storage room (-180C): 12 m²
Room for valuable goods: 15m2
Room for radioactive goods: 9m2

Storage Area for Exported Goods
Total area: 1000 m²
Room for dangerous cargo: 12 m²
Cold storage room (-50C/+50C): 18 m²
Cold storage room (-180C): 24 m²
Room for valuable goods: 12m2
Room for radioactive goods: 11m2
Storage Room for human remains: 7m2

Hardware and other equipment
Equipment Pcs.
Manual forklift (1200 kg) 2
Forklift (3000 kg) 1
Forklift (1500 kg) 4
Traction tractor 2
Haiman X-ray machine 3
Scale up to 50 kg 2
Scale up to 500 kg 2
ULD dolly cart 115x96” 9

Cargo handling service is carried out during airport working hours; 24/7.
The usual hours for releasing cargo and other warehouse logistics services for customers in import are:
• Monday through Sunday: 8:00 am to 7:30 pm

The usual hours for acceptance of cargo for export and other warehouse logistics services for customers are:
• Monday through Saturday: 8:00 am to 7:30 pm

The warehouse may be opened outside normal hours for special cargo by prior arrangement. In this case a written request should be addressed to the e-mail: at least 24 hours in advance.

  SKP :  18.01.2020,04:04
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