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TAV “primeclass”

TAV “primeclass” is a brand of TAV Operation Services Inc. which is one of TAV Airports Holding‘s subsidiaries managing the non-aviation revenues. The brand offers personal meet & assist and private passenger lounges operation services at the airports.
An extended scope of services is offered by TAV “primeclass” Services as VIP & CIP Services for passengers who want extra comfort and space. We аrе offering TAV “primeclass” Services through Airport Тerminal (CIP Service) or through VIP Тerminal (VIP Service).

TAV “primeclass” Services as VIP & CIP Services as part of the prestigious and recognizable worldwide known brand “primeclass” Service, has offered Services adapted to the needs of passengers at Skopje and Ohrid Аirports. We offer numerous privileges and accommodation for all passenger requirements desiring comfort and speed while traveling, and companies who would like to demonstrate the Macedonian hospitality to their guests.

CIP Service - Arrival & Departure through AIRPORT TERMINAL

  • Our aim is to clear away all the anxiety and stress before and after flights and save time by offering professional privileges at each step, making customers feel special and cared for during every stage of their travels.

VIP Service - Arrival & Departure through VIP TERMINAL

  • Your privacy is your privilege and our responsibility, place to meet your guests directly in the Lounges, when you choose exclusivity at your personal small Airport - choose “primeclass” VIP Terminal
  • VIP Terminal - for passengers with high standards in comfort, discretion and time management – regardless of their airline or booking class

Click here for presentation and details for TAV "primeclass" Services offered at Skopje International Airport.

Click here for Price List and details for TAV "primeclass" Services offered at Skopje International Airport.

Phone: +389 23 148 367
Mobile: +389 72 236 467
Fax: +389 23 148 663
Email: primeclass.skopje@tav.aero
Customer feedback email: pcmac.customer@tav.aero
Website: www.primeclass.com.tr


  SKP :  20.01.2020,10:08
Important information for passengers...
1.2 milionë pasagjerë në aeroportet në Shkup dhe Ohër në gjysmën e parë të vitit 2019...
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