With a festive welcoming of the passengers who arrived from Warsaw, TAV Macedonia this afternoon marked the arrival of the first direct flight from the Polish capital to Skopje, operated LOT Polish Airlines. Passengers arrived at Skopje International Airport onboard modern Embraer jet, and were welcomed by girls dressed in traditional Macedonian costumes and welcome cookies. 

The direct route will operate on regular basis, six days/week during the summer season, except Sunday. The first flight from Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport to Skopje International Airport has departed from the Polish capital city at 10:35 hrs, and has landed in Skopje at 12:40 hrs. Passengers from Macedonia to Poland would depart at 13:20 hrs. This schedule applies for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The other days of the week, that is, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, Warsaw – Skopje flight is scheduled to arrive at 16:30 hrs in Skopje, while the departure from the Macedonian capital city to Poland is at 17:10 hrs.  Skopje – Warsaw flights takes 2 hours and 5 minutes. 

TAV Macedonia officials outline that they are happy to add Warsaw to the long list of cities connected with direct flights from Skopje.

The introduction of the direct flight between Skopje and Warsaw is a result of long lasting marketing activities, discussions and negotiations. Airline industry, every year is becoming more competitive and they very carefully are taking decisions to select new destinations and enter new markets. Therefore, I would like to thank to LOT Polish Airlines for adding Skopje Airport into their network as new destination. We are expecting that by connecting Warsaw and Skopje with direct flight, more Polish travelers will visit and discover Macedonia, as well as citizens of Macedonia and the neighboring countries to be able to travel to Warsaw directly and experience Poland. Nevertheless, this route will also serve to enhance commercial, economic and political relations between Macedonia and Poland, Alper Ersoy, TAV Macedonia General Manager stated.     

LOT Polish Airlines officials also expressed their immense satisfaction for the introduction of the new route. 

-I am truly glad to welcome Macedonian passengers on board our aircraft to Warsaw starting from today. Thanks to this new connection, passengers from Macedonia gained a new quality of travel not only to Poland and many cities in Europe but also to further LOT destinations worldwide such as New York, Los Angeles or Toronto onboard our state-of-the-art Boeing 787 Dreamliners all year round. The opening of new route will undoubtedly bind Poles and Macedonians closer while boosting the tourism traffic to Macedonia. We are very pleased that thanks to LOT’s direct flights to Skopje more travelers will decide now to discover this magnificent country, said Michał Fijoł, Chief Commercial Officer of LOT Polish Airlines.

Except for the direct connection from Skopje to Warsaw, the new route enables fast and convenient connection from the Poland’s capital city to several destinations in Eastern and Western Europe and Scandinavia, USA (New York, Newark Chicago, and Los Angeles) and Canada (Toronto).  Flights from Skopje have been planned in a way that transfers on LOT to the USA through the Warsaw hub will be realized only 80 minutes following the landing at Frederic Chopin Airport.    

LOT currently operates to total of 12 destinations on the Balkans. Other than Skopje, during the summer season, the airline will operate also to Podgorica, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Split, Pula, Zadar, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Sofia, Bucharest, and Cluj-Napoca.

LOT has already announced to introduce four new destinations this year, direct flights from Warsaw to Skopje, Podgorica and to the Moscow Domodedovo Airport, as well as flight from Krakow to Budapest and from Budapest to New York and Chicago. 

TAV Macedonia continues to records positive results as of the beginning of the year. Within the first five months of 2018 (January – May), total of 823.801 passengers traveled through both Macedonian airports – Skopje International Airport and Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport, which is 19% growth annually. At the same time, the total number of flights is 7.196, which is 16% growth compared to the same period last year.

Covid19: Travel Safe

Aviation is a highly regulated industry due to the global character of the business. In Turkey, the precautions to be taken at airports against COVID-19 are defined in the “Airports Pandemic Precautions and Certification Circular”, issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM). We have implemented these precautions fully at our airport.

As TAV Airports, our global footprint reaches 100 airports in 30 countries. Through this know-how, we have implemented precautions that go beyond legal requirements. Our staff is trained regarding the new regulations and code of conduct.

The precautions taken at our airport can be grouped under three main areas.

Firstly, we have mapped the movement of passengers and staff inside the airport and configured a flow that would enable everyone to keep safe physical distance with other in every step of the way. Secondly, we have increased the frequency of disinfection and hygiene works. Thirdly, we have made arrangements to minimize contact between passengers and airport staff.

To protect yourself and others, you are required to wear a mask at all times during your journey in the airport. Passengers without a mask will not be allowed inside the terminal and will not be able to board the plane. Irregularity to comply with this rule may result in penalties.

We kindly remind you to wear a mask during your trip to and from the airport with public transportation.

No, you can still check-in to your flight when you arrive at the terminal. On the other hand, for a faster and safer experience, we recommend to complete your online check-in before arriving at the terminal, whenever possible.

We have implemented signage for you to keep your physical distance with others during security control. Please adhere to directions.

X-ray machines and trays are disinfected frequently.

Your body temperature will be checked with thermal cameras upon entering the terminal. Anyone with a body temperature above 37.5C will be directed to the health authorities. We kindly remind you to put on your mask before entering the terminal building.

Until further notice, only passengers and airport staff will be allowed inside the terminal. Please wait in the carpark to welcome guests.

We recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight for domestic flights, and 3 hours for international flights.

The lounges at our airport are configured as for you to keep your safe physical distance with others. Please follow instructions and signage.

During this phase, some facilities at our airport may be closed to service. For detailed information:

The F&B points at our airport are configured as for you to keep your safe physical distance with others. Please follow instructions and signage. Wearing a mask is obligatory at F&B points.

F&B areas, kitchens and storage areas are frequently disinfected.

We recommend using contactless payment options.

The duty-free at our airport are configured as for you to keep your safe physical distance with others. Please follow instructions and signage. Wearing a mask is obligatory at duty-free shops.

Duty-free areas and storage areas are frequently disinfected.

We recommend using contactless payment options.

The prayer areas at our airport are configured as for you to keep your safe physical distance with others. Please follow instructions and signage.

All waiting areas at our airport are configured as for you to keep your safe physical distance with others. Please follow instructions and signage.

Boarding will begin from the back of the aircraft and proceed to front row seats. Please wait for your turn.

Boarding pass and ID checks are configured to minimize contact with others.

Passengers without masks won’t be allowed to board the airplane.

International arrival passengers will have their body temperatures checked and in case of suspicion, passengers will be directed to the health units.

All arrival areas at our airport are configured as for you to keep your safe physical distance with others. Please follow instructions and signage.

Baggage conveyor systems are disinfected frequently.

Useful Information

Shopping & Dining
Shopping & Dining

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Flight Information
Flight Information

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Frequently Asked Questions


There is regular shuttle bus transportation at Skopje International Airport for passengers that passes and stops at key bus stops in the City of Skopje, and arrives to the Airport, handled by the company ‘Manora’. The shuttle bus timetable is prepared according to the arrivals/departures of flights. The bus is stopping on these bus stops: Hotel “Holiday Inn”, Transportation Center, TC Biser, and Skopje International Airport. One way ticket for the shuttle bus costs MKD 180. You can find more information in the Passenger guide section of the web-page.

Skopje International Airport operates 24/7. You can arrive at the Airport at any time and wait for your flight. Restaurants and cafes such as Cakes & Bakes, Burger King and NeedStop are available for the passengers at any time, business lounge (PrimeClass CIP Service) offers you comfort 24/7, while the ATU Duty Free, opened during flights operations, offers a wide range of products.  

Check-in, registration of passengers at the check-in counters for passengers and baggage starts at least 120 minutes (2 hours) prior to the scheduled time of departure, and for intercontinental flight, at least 180 minutes (3 hours) prior to the departure time indicated on your flight ticket. Closing time of the airport check-in counter is no later than 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time indicated on your flight ticket, and for intercontinental flight no later than 60 minutes prior to the departure time indicated on your flight ticket.

For information about your flight, please follow the airport web-site, in the Arrivals and Departures section, where all changes to the flights schedule are updated in real time, i.e. as we receive information by airlines.

If you need urgent additional information about your flight, you can call the Information Desk on the phone number: +389 2 3148 333. The Information Desk is open 24/7.

Passengers are allowed to carry on board free of charge items such as coat, 1 umbrella or walking stick, 1 ladies handbag, 1 camera or binoculars, 1 baby transporter, 1 pair of crutches or similar prosthetic aids, medical equipment on which the passenger is fully dependent, a reasonable quantity of baby food.

Regarding the baggage fees amount, please contact your airline, because each airline has its own baggage policy and applicable rules.

If you have any specific question about what you can or cannot carry, i.e. allowed/prohibited items, in your baggage, please send your question to our Customer Relations Department at

If you lose your personal belonging at the airport or onboard the aircraft, please report it to the Lost & Found Unit while you are still at the airport. If you have already left the airport, please send an e-mail to

If you find lost item/s, please immediately report it to the officers of Lost & Found Unit, Security, or Check-in Counter, and send an e-mail to

TAV Macedonia in 2015 introduced free Wi-Fi internet at Skopje International Airport, and in 2019 it has been upgraded. Passengers can access free internet through their mobile devices by simply connecting to a wireless network called "City of Skopje", password is not required. This network is not time-limited and log-in or sign-in is not required for future connections.

You do not need to reserve a parking lot in advance.

Car Park Pricelist:

1h – MKD 80

2h – MKD 100

2–4h – MKD 150

4–8h – MKD 200

8–24h – MKD 600

You can find more information in the Parking section of the web-page.

Yes. At Skopje International Airport there are specially designated, marked parking lots for persons with disabilities and the car park services are free of charge. By enclosing the traffic license and the disability identification card at the Car Park Counter, located inside the terminal building, our employees will cancel the car park ticket and the disabled person will be automatically exempt from paying for the car park service. If all designated parking lots for disabled persons are occupied, park your car on a regular parking lot, and following the above stated procedure you will be exempted from paying for the car park services.

Yes. At Skopje International Airport there is a Special Assistance Service for passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs). The counter where you can ask for this free of charge service is located inside the Terminal building next to the Information Desk. Passenger with reduced mobility (PRM) means any person whose mobility is reduced due to physical incapacity (sensor or locomotor), intellectual deficiency, age, illness or other cause of disability.

Currently – no, but we are working on it. At Skopje International Airport smoking is allowed only within the open terraces of the cafeterias located in the landside of the Terminal building. Smoking is not allowed within the Terminal Building. 

For any other question that does not require immediate response, or if you have any other complaint or compliment, please send an e-mail to: This is our Customer Relations Department, and our staff will respond to you accordingly as soon as possible.