Zoran Krstevski, General Manager, says that 2015 will be completed with a dozen of new routes, and as a result further growth of the total traffic

Seventeen new regular air routes and virtually double increase of the number of passengers at both airports – Skopje Alexander the Great and Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle - are the results of the five-year management of TAV Macedonia with the Macedonian airfields.

Since the company, part of the Turkish TAV Airports, in 2010 took over the management, the number of passengers at the Skopje Airport grew by 76,7%, that is from 684.905 passengers in 2010, to 1.210.509 last 2014. Together at the both airports, for the past five years, the total growth is 75%, or from 729.297 passengers in 2010, last year that number reached 1.278.343 passengers.

These days when we mark the fifth anniversary since the Turkish TAV Airports took over the management of Alexander the Great and St. Paul the Apostle, we can be proud of the development of the air traffic in Macedonia, thus contributing together with the Government and airlines as our partners, as well as all involved institutions. Today from Skopje can be traveled to 26 destinations in Europe and one to Dubai, which represents a significant difference regarding the situation in 2010, when the Capital city had air connection with only 10 cities, Zoran Krstevski, General Manager of TAV Macedonia, said.

He adds that within the same period and the number of airlines operating from Alexander the Great is more than twice increased, so currently from the main Macedonian airfield there are total of 12 operating air carriers, out of which three are low budget airlines. Krstevski points out that by the five new destinations from Skopje and two from Ohrid, which from the second half of this year will be launched by the low budget airline Wizz Air, as well as few new lines to be from the Alexander the Great, TAV Macedonia’s management expects to complete 2015 with a dozen of new air routes, which will contribute for the further growth of the total air traffic.

As part of TAV Airports, which is one of the leading airport operators in the world, we follow the world trends and developments in air transport and we are in a constant compete for attracting new airlines and increasing the number of routes, in order to achieve our long-term vision, and that is Alexander the Great to become regional center in the air traffic of the Balkans, which will link not only Macedonian, but also passengers from the whole region with Europe and globally, Alper Ersoy, Deputy General Manager for Operations of TAV Macedonia, said.

He outlined that passengers are yet to feel the benefits of the versatile offer of air routes and affordable flight fares, oriented towards all segments of passengers – business, youngsters and students, tourists, families, expatriates.

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